Design Is How It Works


“It’s not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.” — Steve Jobs. Companies like Apple and IDEO have demonstrated the role that design thinking plays in the creation of revolutionary, game-changing products. Yet even in 2012, news design is experiencing a great stagnation: too often, our products and platforms feel more like 2006. Learn strategies to show how design thinking can actually create efficiencies in a product development process that will always be strapped for time.

Kathy Gill Sep 23, 201210:36 pm

ONA Student Newsroom report from Casey Capachi:

For NPR, the saying “mobile first” already applies to the way many of their listeners access stories. And, according to David Wright, digital design director at NPR, they may someday emerge as one of the first news organizations among their competitors to have more mobile than desktop traffic.

Kathy Gill Sep 23, 20127:31 pm

Session shout-outs:

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You may or may not have heard of agile development. But Dave (@dwjr) argues that as a technique it applies to more than traditional software products.

Kathy Gill Sep 23, 20127:27 pm

However. Good user experience requires a culture that supports it:

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You would think we’d understand this in the context of Apple products, but sometimes the obvious must be said out loud:

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Design thinking means putting the audience first (user-centered design) and thinking beyond “visual design”. Where to look for inspiration?

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There is a lot of competition for attention/eyeballs on the desktop (traditional or mobile). How to provide what customers are looking for?

Kathy Gill Sep 23, 20127:16 pm

Design is a way of looking at the world. It transcends product and it critical to the future of journalism.

Kathy Gill Sep 23, 20127:13 pm

McClean’s Magazine captured this session in a @Storify: