#NOFILTER: How Social Photography Is Changing News and Journalism


Should you feature a photo on a news website that’s been filtered in Instagram? This discussion and demo addresses the many ways in which the rise of social photography is affecting creative expression and what place that has in news publishing and journalism. Join two of the most popular photographers in the Instagram community as they demonstrate how to build images so you can do it, too.

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20123:25 pm

That’s it for #NOFILTER! They could’ve answered questions and continued the debate all day.

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20123:23 pm

Media companies have some incredibly low-hanging fruit in Instagram and other social communities — be where your readers and viewers are.

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20123:22 pm

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20123:20 pm

The debate about whether adding an Instagram filter to a photo is the same as Photoshopping/altering has started. Claire says it is the same, Richard disagrees.

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20123:10 pm

The main presentation is over — taking questions now. Claire O’Neill asks what make someone a professional, and says that these social tools might not “make everyone a Jimi Hendrix”, but it might make them all a Johnny Cash — different, but no less worthy.

Richard’s response is that he only considers himself a professional — and it’s hard for him — because he got paid to take photos.

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20123:07 pm

Any questions that relate to mobile photography? Instagram? Email Richard Koci Hernandez at koci@berkeley.edu.

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20123:06 pm

Three simple tips for building a social photography audience:

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20123:02 pm

“Love your experiments, as you would an ugly child,” Richard said.

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20123:01 pm

More tips on mobile photography: Avoid zooming on the iPhone if at all possible.

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20122:59 pm

ProCamera, Hipstamatic, Filterstorm — delete your iPhone camera app and download one of those, Richard says.

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20122:57 pm

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20122:51 pm

Richard maintains that the photographer — the best photographer — will remain just that, regardless of how technology changes.

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20122:47 pm

The photojournalism debate shouldn’t be about the filter or how it was shot, but the ethics of the photo, Richard said.

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20122:45 pm

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20122:40 pm

Using a filter on social photography doesn’t take away from the meaning of the image, Richard said.

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20122:39 pm

Is this a controversial feeling? Richard felt like it might be when he presented it.

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20122:36 pm

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20122:34 pm

Photographers have a fear that the popularity of Instagram now means everyone is/can be a photographer — but Richard says the best will always rise to the top. “You can’t put lipstick on a pig. A bad photograph is still a bad photograph.”

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20122:30 pm

Richard Koci Hernandez says you can take a photo on your expensive camera and then Instagram it later. You don’t just have to shoot with your phone! Not only that, but they don’t have to all be square.

“There’s a way to use this platform to your advantage.”

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20122:28 pm

Amy Bartner Sep 21, 20122:27 pm