The Midway at ONA12

SEPT. 21-22, 2012
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Pacific Concourse Level

Going to ONA12? Come see and support digital journalism start-ups, open-source tools and innovative technology that’s leading the way and enriching storytelling.

A new reason to join us in San Francisco at ONA12: Experience our digital storytelling sandbox — the Midway.

The Midway is an open-space ecosystem of innovation — an interactive opportunity for more than 1,300 attendees/journalists to check out and test the (invite-only) leading-edge products and ideas in digital journalism, ask questions of their creators, hear speakers, experience presentations, network, recharge, experiment and learn.

The up to 60 participants spread throughout the Midway will be hand-picked by ONA for their innovative approaches, products, ideas, vision and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our goal? To support and showcase the many great journalism start-ups, tools and technology and open-source products exploding in the digital marketplace. You’ll get to experiment with pre-launch and in-development news products and projects, big and small, in real time, possibly even help create new ideas or uses.

The Midway will run through the two days of general sessions. Stop by to:

  • hear about new projects and products and from innovative speakers
  • find new solutions
  • connect with digital journalists and creators
  • encourage new talent and thought

Featured and supported will be the Journalism Project and Open-Source Showcase, spotlighting start-ups to watch. Others will be charged an entry fee according to their size and budgets, including industry leaders and established companies and organizations sharing tools, tech and news innovation.

Come to learn about and inform the latest tools and ideas in:

  • Social media
  • Mobile: phones, tablets, SMS, gadgets, accessories
  • Internet/web: development platforms, mesh networks, internet security
  • Multimedia: platforms, editing, gear
  • Data: visualization, scraping, mapping
  • AR/Immersive reporting
  • Design, including pre-made tools for journos
  • Business/ micro-entrepreneur sites / Venture capital/investment/funding
  • Project management, including tools for the digital worker

Don’t miss the launch of this interactive forum, free to all ONA12 attendees.

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