Speaker Release

In return for the Online News Association’s inclusion of my appearance and/or presentation as part of ONA’s 2012 conference (the “Conference”), I hereby consent to the recording, editing, creation of derivative works from, copying and distribution of my appearance and/or presentation (including, but not limited to, any slides, video, audio, or other materials included in my appearance or presentation and any handouts distributed in connection with my appearance or presentation, whether in print, digital or other form) (collectively, the “Presentation”) in connection with the Conference and other ONA activities and projects.

I agree that ONA owns the copyright and all other rights in any recordings that it makes (or has made on its behalf) of the Presentation or portions of the Presentation (collectively, the “Recordings”). I retain copyright in my Presentation. ONA, and its licensees and assigns, may reproduce, distribute, and display the Recordings in all forms (including, but not limited to, all audio, video, print, digital and other media now known or created in the future), worldwide in perpetuity. In addition, ONA, and its licensees and assigns, may use my name, voice, likeness and biographical information in connection with, and in promotions for, the Conference, the Recordings, and other ONA activities and projects.

My Presentation will include only works that are my own original works, or works for which I have obtained all rights necessary to grant the rights granted in this Speaker Release. My Presentation will not libel any person or entity, nor will it violate the right of privacy, the right of publicity, or any other personal or property right of any person or entity.

I expressly waive all claims that I might have against ONA, its licensees and assigns arising out of my Presentation or the Recordings and agree that I will not be entitled to any compensation in connection with ONA’s use of the Recordings, now or in the future.